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Our values are part of our DNA, shaping our choices and guiding our action. Acting in line with those values (walking the walk) will determine the course of our interpersonal and professional relations. In creating Artemys, we opted to lay down certain principles to serve as pillars for our project. These principles or values are a reflection of our history and our convictions and will constitute the regular part of our project to guide our development. Our members will always consider acting in accordance with our values to be the driving force that underpins our actions – the element that gives meaning and purpose to all our actions.

  • Solution finders
  • Audacity
  • Quest for excellence
  • Responsibility

Being a service company implies having the capability to meet the needs of our clients, most often in complex environments and urgent situations.  
Against this background, our priority will always be to be up to the task for such expectations and to adapt our environment so as to provide concrete and effective solutions in terms of quality and timing.
Convinced that excuses are synonymous with limits, we undertake to give overriding priority at all levels of our company to placing our knowledge, tools, workforce, availability and intelligence at your service so as to enable you to make the difference.

Beyond technical skills, we believe that human beings and their determination can overcome many delicate situations. In this regard, J.G Danton stated that the three requirements for success were: to dare, still to dare, and always to dare. Following this principle, and with the knowledge that the ability to create and develop a contact is crucial for recruitment, Artemys' members make the commitment to dare to take all actions necessary to resolve your issues. We firmly believe that the strength of words and actions taken, combined with expertise, are key to meeting our challenges.

Being specific in our professional approach is the core of our job. Artemys has therefore chosen to focus on the quest for excellence in three main areas:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of our market: developing a database specific to our targeted skills; meeting with key stakeholders on a daily basis
  2. In relation to our technical skills. Each customer has their specific environment, challenges, issues and identity. Meeting their needs requires an optimal understanding of their business and their environment in order to be able to work effectively on their staffing issues.
  3. In order to become a recruitment partner and advisor, Artemys' members must have access to holistic and constantly updated knowledge on all HR and leagal aspects specific to our markets.

We believe actions only acquire meaning when they are combined with values.

Accordingly, we at Artemys follow a set of ethical principles at several levels.

Environmental ethics: we are convinced that we have to grow responsibly by offsetting our environmental footprint in an ambitious and structured manner, whilst enabling our clients to do the same.

Work ethics: To become an effective partner for staffing issues in Belgium, we guarantee a service quality label for our clients, candidates and staff.