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Testimonials: Stories from the Ground

Welcome to the Stories from the Ground, a virtual platform where Artemys highlights the attributes of its talented candidates and the companies they work for. As a recruitment and consultancy company with over 8 years of experience in the energy sector, we understand the challenges of recruiting the right and qualified staff in the engineering world. In this series, we will showcase outstanding candidates working in diverse sectors and the professional contributions they make to address the challenges of our times.

We interviewed our candidates, and we will present their stories to understand who they are, how accomplished they are in their career or role, and how they see their professional development within their current companies. We also asked them about their relationship with Artemys, the support we provided to them, and more. We especially wanted to learn from them what we could improve so that the services we offer could get better. Join us as we value and support our candidates through their professional development journey.

Thibaut Quetel – Head of Origination Belgium, Centrica Energy Trading

Thibaut Quetel Head of Origination Belgium Welcome to the 1st session of « Stories from the Ground« ! In this edition, we are excited to have Thibaut Quetel, Head of Origination Belgium at Centrica Energy Trading with us. Thibaut will be sharing his experiences working with Centrica, and his collaboration with Artemys. As a sales ...
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Pietjan De Brouwer – Business Energy Consultant, PowerPulse

Pietjan De Brouwer Business Energy Consultant Welcome to the 2nd edition of « Stories from the Ground« . Today, we have a special guest, Pietjan De Brouwer who works as a Business Energy Consultant for PowerPulse, an energy consulting firm specializing in various aspects of energy markets. PowerPulse is a neutrally positioned energy consulting firm with ...
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Mahmoud Alaaeddine – Head of Repowering, MDWind

Mahmoud Alaaeddine Head of Repowering Welcome to the 3rd session of « Stories from the Ground » where we bring you inspiring stories from individuals making an impact in their respective working fields. In today’s edition, we are delighted to introduce you to Mahmoud Alaaeddine, Head of Repowering at MDWind. With a wealth of experience ...
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Ahmed El Ghalbzouri – Consultant, Haulogy

Ahmed El Ghalbzouri Consultant  Welcome to our 4th edition of « Stories from the Ground. » In this edition, we’re excited to feature Ahmed El Ghalbzouri, a Consultant at Haulogy. Ahmed will be sharing his insights and experiences in the industry. Stay tuned to learn more about his journey and the valuable lessons he’s learned ...
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Olivier Leysen – Inside Sales Services, Schneider Electric

Olivier Leysen Inside Sales Services Welcome to our 5th session of « Stories from the Ground ». Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Olivier Leysen, who works at Inside Sales Services for Schneider Electric. In this interview, Olivier will share his experience working for the company and his engagement with Artemys during the recruitment ...
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Nicolas G. Braham – Head of Sales and Business Development, MDWind

Nicolas G. Braham Head of Sales and Business Development Welcome to the 6th edition of « Stories from the Ground« . Today we have the pleasure of featuring Nicolas G. Braham, Head of Sales and Business Development at MDWind. In this interview, Nicolas shares with us his insights and experiences working in the renewable energy ...
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Stefan S. Hegedis – Settlement Manager, Centrica Energy Trading

Stefan S. Hegedis Settlement Manager Welcome to the 7th session of « Stories from the Ground »! In this edition, we are excited to introduce Stefan S. Hegedis, who works as a Settlement Manager at Centrica Energy Trading. Stefan has a wealth of experience in the energy industry, and we’re excited to hear his insights ...
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Vincent Liégeois – Planning Coordinator, Schneider Electric

Vincent Liégeois Planning Coordinator Welcome to our 8th session of « Stories from the Ground ». Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Vincent Liégeois, who works as a Planning Coordinator at Schneider Electric. As a planning coordinator, Vincent is responsible for planning and organising resources for maintenance and troubleshooting interventions on ...
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Yilmaz Elmaci – Site Manager, EQOS energy

Yilmaz Elmaci Site Manager Welcome to the 9th session of “Stories from the Ground”. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Yilmaz Elmaci, who is currently working as a Site Manager at EQOS energy. In this edition, we had the opportunity to interview him about his experience working with recruitment agency, ...
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